Corporate Gifting Portal

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Corporate gifting is when companies have a need to send snack boxes to a large number of recipients, employees, and clients. The Corporate gifting project automates the workflow to allow recipients claim their box. Companies will also have access to their own portal display a dashboard of all the necessary information.

Technologies Used

  • Figma
  • Adobe Photoshop

Wireframes - Corporate Portal

The ideal automated workflow for a corporate user would signing in, and which they will land on their personalized dashboard that will display all their orders and details attached to each purchase.

Corporate Gifting Customer Portal

Wireframe - Corporate Order Flow

Simply the customer will land on a specific landing page that will guide them to selecting their desired size and pricing, following they will either upload a list of their clients or manually input to their desire. Upon submission, they will be shown details to enhance their order, such as a personalized gift message and their company; a calendar where they will select a date to determine when emails will be sent out to the lucky clients.

Corporate Gifting Customer Portal
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